106. Why Your Brand Trumps Your Niche

Jul 12, 2022

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Episode Summary

Your niche does not matter. The prevalence and intensity of niche drama for starting entrepreneurs reveals the REAL problem– lack of a strong BRAND.

Lack of a strong knowing and owning of:

This is Who I Am.

This is How I’m Uniquely Differentiated.

These are My Values and This is How I Demonstrate Them. When you have a strong, powerfully owned BRAND– a strong knowing of who you are– having or not having a niche is irrelevant.

Because your Unique Brand has already done the same thing– it has whittled down the massive online space to that smaller audience that gravitates towards you like a moth to a flame.

With Brand this process starts with YOU, and lets everything flowing out from your business be a reflection of your Unique Frequency.

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