The Dream Economy is HERE.

Are you coming?

The Dream Economy is HERE.

Are you coming?
I had mastered success in the Matrix.

 I had the six figure tech job, the husband and the kids, the figurative white picket fence… only to realize I had built someone else’s Dream.

The one I was told to have.

And the idea of staying there, until I was 65, was actually an unbearable nightmare. The wild in me could not be caged so I left and started my own online business, determined to create my own way.

I wasn’t here to Master the Matrix.

I’m here to ground The Dream Economy here, as a lived reality in an entirely

New Paradigm.
Hi! I'm Kathryn.

Within my first three years I scaled to over $1,000,000 purely through organic marketing, and have coached countless new entrepreneurs into six and multiple six figure businesses, making more than they ever dreamed possible in the job their mind told them they “had to do.”

The question is no longer, “Is it possible?”

The question is: “It’s Here. Are You Coming With Us?”

I work with my clients in two ways:

As a solopreneur your Brand is YOU. And when you surrender to your fullest Frequency, in every nook and cranny of your brain and business, you activate scroll-stopping magnetism for your best clients. People begin coming to sales calls salivating to work with you specifically, not just price shopping to hire someone “who does that thing you do.”


Expand your capacity for clients, money, visibility, and income through a space of heart open, aching desire. In the Pleasure & Precision Mastermind, you will learn to collapse your timeline through expanding your pleasure and receivership, while utilizing the highest rigor of mindset work and ultimate precision in your business strategy. Through healing the masculine and unleashing the feminine, the only limit is your imagination. You are Invited to this Sacred Space.


 From $5,000 Months to a $500,000 Business...

Before I started working with Kathryn, I was in my nine to five. And I was making like 5k months and hustling, super, super hard to do it. I was just looking at everybody else trying to pose with the coffee mug trying to be really cutesy when I'm not that way at all. Like, I'm very direct. I'm a sharpshooter. And so now, I post like, Hey, I don't mess around and people pick up on that instantly. I have found that all of the brand things that Kathryn teaches, it just shortens my sales process, I'm able to convert so much quicker and faster because people come on sales calls, they interact with my launches, and they're like, I know the exact type of coach you are and I know I'm looking for someone specifically like you.

Dielle C.

From $1,500 EVER…to a $100,000 Business with a 9-5…Without Hustling...

Before working with Kathryn, my brand was unintentional. It was more trying to do what every other coach on Instagram was doing. Like quote boxes, photos of myself in nice sweaters, which totally isn’t my style. So I evolved from trying to emulate what I was seeing to really embodying myself.

Now I’m bringing myself as a witch and putting myself out there as that. Bringing in the edgy elements of my primal animal, my wolf self, and showing that to people. But then also creating allowance for folks who are Type-A and linear thinkers like me that there’s possibility that we can be so many different things and exist all in one body. The paradox is real and totally ok..

Laura M.

 From $2,000 Months to His First $100,000 Year, Rooted in Soul and Service

When I first started working with Kathryn, I was at about $2,000 months on average. From there, I started to grow to $5,000 months, and then quickly $10,000 months after that. And then last year in 2021, hitting my first six figure year.

One of the biggest and first transformations that I had working with her was realizing that the people that I felt in my heart I was called to work with, that they are out there and that they do want coaching and that I'm actually uniquely equipped to be able to serve them. And that just kind of opened up a whole new world of possibilities. So this year, I'm on pace to double my business. But it is even from a place of more ease and a sense of just trust that I know the long term direction and vision of the business.

Kieran L.

From Her First $10,000 Month to $180,000 in Four Months as an HR Consultant

I really appreciate the Mastermind because it allowed me that space to heal... It really just drove in, like I can do this and I don't have to feel alone and there's people that see the vision behind what I'm trying to do.

One of the biggest highlights is now I have a private equity consulting client, which I didn't think was going to be possible, right? Like I've really come full circle to feeling grounded in what I have to offer, like switching the thoughts of my perspective is valuable to now having a corporate private equity client. I just feel like I've grown so much in that last year to be able to do this now.

Michelle Y.

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