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In this modern era of social media–

Your brand is no longer fonts and colors.

Your brand is the look and feel of YOU–

and how powerfully  you’re showing up to the internet.

Your Scroll Stopping Brand

is waiting inside.

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Your brand is your unique fingerprint.

It’s what differentiates you from from the 8,000 other service providers selling the exact same thing.

And with a digital landscape drowning consumers in content, constant posts, and people talking at us– you want a way to stand out and be seen for your unique brilliance. FAST.

To be the person people are reaching out to because they want to work with you specifically, not just a service provider who "does that thing you do."

You’re not meant to be palatable, watered so far down that people scroll right past.

You're meant to be memorable.

To be more than a service provider, a program, more than a faint memory in your client's mind of "one of those people they did some work with awhile ago."

And to do that...

you know you’re being called to take up wayyyyy more space online and offline,


to shine bigger and brighter in a way that is both exciting and terrifying at the same time.


The Brand Alchemy Accelerator is a membership program that blows up every single thing your brain was taught about WHO you’re supposed to be to be successful, and instead excavates your unique frequency—your magnetic energy—and infuses it into every nook and cranny of your business.

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There’s been hesitation for you on the “taking up way more space” part and you know it’s holding back your business growth.

It shows up as:

  • Following really dynamic and compelling creators online and lovingggg how they show up in your feed...but thinking "you can't show up  that big/confident/dynamic because you're not {insert excuse}" that's keeping you playing small
  • Overthinking your posts-- posting and then going back to edit, starting to write something bold and then self-editing, being worried about "getting it right"
  • Spending time thinking about what your old coworkers, your nosy neighbor or your Mom is thinking about your last marketing post
  • Feeling confused about how to show up online– Professional? Yoga pants? Again there’s a list of “shoulds” and rules your brain offers to you

But under the rotating shoulds and rules your brain is offering you–

you know there’s actually a really dynamic, cool, confident next level version of you begging to come out.

A version of you that:


  • Posts and doesn't even think about checking likes and comments... because how you're showing up every day is consistently and naturally drawing interest from dream clients
  • Gives approximately zero f*cks about what your last mentor, your Mom, or your ex-boyfriend from college think about your last post
  • Easefully and confidently shows up online, loves being seen on video, and *gasp* legit loves making offers
  • Says the things you're currently worried about saying out of fear of people disagreeing, misunderstanding, or  straight up trying to cancel you on the internet
  • Looks at how you’re showing up online– both the confidence you’re exuding from within and how the aesthetics of YOU and your stuff online looks visually (from your website to your social media grid, your outfits to your office environment)-- and thinks, “DAMNNNNNN THAT’S ME”

In between the two is
the Brand Alchemy Process.

10x-ed her following in 4 weeks by 10x-ing how powerfully she shows up

"What I really wanted to do is to come back into alignment of myself. I could see that the program can do that for me...In order for me to get into the next version of myself, I had to let those old patterns go...And from there I could create content that feels a lot more juicy, a lot more sensual. The vibe that I was able to portray in my reel got people's attention and it really resonated with them. In my wildest dreams, I wouldn't imagine how quickly this can happen.


It’s less about “Becoming” than it is about “Unbecoming” all the stuff about who you were taught to be, how you were taught to show up, that has never quite felt right to who YOU are at your core.

When Michelangelo created David, one of the most famous sculptures of all time, he said:

“I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.”

Your magic is already inside of you.

Your one in 8 billion uniqueness? Already there.

We just have to carve it out and set your brand free.

You're more dynamic than

a watered down photo of you holding a coffee cup.

You have more interesting things to say that

you’re holding back because you’re afraid of what others might think or say.

And you’re ready to release all of that

and step into that dynamic, confident version of yourself–

You know the one–

because you can literally see her in your mind’s eye.

Here's how it will all go down:

This may be a soulful branding program, but this Pisces girl is also a Rising Capricorn– so everything I teach is grounded AF and immediately actionable.

Here's what you can expect:

This is the process that has created

over 100 deliciously scroll stopping brands
from ground zero to multimillions.

The transformations below aren’t from top makeover shows on TV,

these are literally clients that have walked through the Brand Alchemy process:



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If it looks too good to be true, don’t take it from us.

Here are the words of our clients, sharing both their internal experience and external results from Brand Alchemy:

Your Next Level is Waiting Inside.

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"People started literally DMing me being like something is just hotter." 

So many people are mentioning the branding of the program. Last time they were like I know I need email, I've always known I needed email, and now they're like the energy, the vibe, the branding. A lot more people are coming in for that reason and I've made nearly my entire last launch in the past four days.



  • People coming to sales calls salivating to work specifically with YOU, not “someone who does that thing you do”
  • A business that feels like home, where you feel your body relax and expand as the feeling of pushing and proving completely evaporates
  • Marketing that you know creates your best clients, and never feeling the need to obsessively check likes or comments ever again
  • A visual brand and world, both physically and digitally, that when you see it you feel yourself light up inside, knowing: “F*CK YES, I am on MY path.”

"Working with Kathryn literally changed the trajectory of my entire life..."

“One of the first things that we had worked on together was showing up more fully as myself online in all my witchyness. That part of me had been kind of out there, but not fully embodied. From there, my growth has been really exponential in my business. The last two years I created a six figure sales year. Kathryn really helped me get to the point where I now call in the most dreamy soulmate clients that are such a pleasure to work with."

Laura M.

Meet Your Coach

I'm your Future Self Doula.

And I am uniquely qualified to lead this work, because I spent a lifetime hiding. I was the person with a logo as their Instagram photo when I first started, because I was deathly afraid of being seen. And once I allowed myself to start showing up and being seen– 

I did it with a long list of what I could and couldn’t do, who I could and couldn’t be in order to “be marketable,” to “make money” and to “be successful.”

But at the same time, I had that gnawing inside of me, that whisper that began to yell– YOUR PATH IS NOT THIS ONE.

So I started listening to that voice inside of me, the one that knew the mark I was here to make, and began showing up bigger, shining brighter, allowing myself to be seen, layer by layer letting go of all the rules and the “shoulds.”

And then?

People started buying faster. They dropped in sooner… and in bigger numbers. In my first three years of business, I generated over $1,000,000. From ground zero. With zero money spent on paid ads.

This is now the work I help my clients do– burning off every single thing within them that isn’t in alignment with what sets their soul on fire… and printing cash while doing it.

I live at the mountaintop, the meeting point between
strategy and intuition, creativity and logic.

This program is an embodiment of that place.

If you just felt something inside of you perk up, that’s a clue that this program is for you.

A few other ways to know:

Who This Program Is Necessary For:

  • If you feel nervous about posting online, particularly showing up visibly, because there’s a constant worry of how to “do it right” and wondering “if it’s resonating”
  • If you're attracting clients who are “price shopping” and come to sales calls letting you know they are talking to three other people who "do the thing you do” before "they decide”
  • If you're attracting people who seem surprised by your pricing and aren’t prepared to pay it (how you’re showing up is not an energetic match to your pricing)
  • If you have a vision of yourself in the future, but don’t know “how to get there”

Who This Program is Good For:

  • If you feel like your brand generally reflects you, but something feels 5 degrees off (that 5 degrees is crucial)
  • If you did have a brand that felt reflective of you, but you've grown so much that it no longer feels aligned and you find yourself wondering “What’s Next?
  • If you are going from warm (organic) to cold traffic and know it’s time to upgrade your visuals to stop the scroll for strangers outside of your immediate network

Who This Program is Not For:

  • If you just want a shiny veneer kind of brand– pretty images and Canva templates, but have no desire to do the inner work to transform and upgrade your internal world and vibration to match the aesthetics
  • If you only want mindset or strategy and aren’t interested in embodiment or energy

We’re completely upleveling.

We’re also going to make a lot of money and change the World.

You comin'?


This sounds good.

What are the knobs and buttons?

Weekly Hot Takes Q&A

This is not a “Do It Yourself” course. This is a membership where you are supported every step as you implement– got questions along the way? (Of course you do!). Every week you can submit questions and then dive into Kathryn’s hot takes on your questions, timestamped so you can with a single click get the exact feedback you need, as well as know immediately what other questions you want to tune into to move your business forward today.

Pop Up Monthly Events

Whether it’s a pop up live coaching call with Kathryn, a deep dive workshop into an area of Brand Alchemy, a networking members mixer or guest masterclasses (hellllllo graphic designers helping you up your visual game, stylists helping you amplify your presence, and psychic creative directors helping you channel your next big thing….) there is always an upcoming fun event our members are doing together.

Curriculum and Member Portal

You have access to a member library filled with a stunning curriculum on *every* facet of your brand, including video trainings, accompanying workbooks, and recordings of ALL past live coaching calls, timestamped so you know *exactly* what segments to tune into the moment you need it. It’s on demand, 24/7 access to the exact training you need to move your business forward.


A private and exclusive community on Facebook. Ask your questions, get 24/7 support, build new friendships, and celebrate your wins. You know that phrase-- “you’re the sum of the 5 people you spend the most time with”? This community is full, end to end, with ambitious AF, creative, powerful people who take their goals and businesses as seriously as you do.

Bonus Courses & Content

exclusively inside the Accelerator:

The Energetics of Money:

Your pricing will always flow downstream from your brand and positioning, but in order to receive those waves of cash you’ve got to get super confident in your pricing and relationship to receiving money. This course takes you there.

Main Character Energy Reboot:

While the Brand Alchemy Accelerator focuses on your brand in your business, this reboot opens up a wider lens onto how you’re showing up to all aspects of your life– from an in depth time audit to reviewing your daily diet, this course walks you step by step through a full life UPGRADE that supports all the Brand Alchemy work you’re applying in your business.

Behind the Scenes of a 6 to 7 Figure Rebrand:

Join us as Kathryn and her Operations Manager unpack their massive rebrand and show you, change by change, edit by edit how they elevated all aspects of their new website– from tips on how to streamline website navigation to make it easier to buy, the subtle messaging changes that make a huge difference in the quality of clients called in, and all the visual brand changes, this training will help you maximize your visibility and reach no matter your income level.

All Branding Workshops and Trainings Kathryn has ever run:

From The 7 Stages of a Magnetic Brand to Kingdom Creation: The Art of Designing Your Online Space and more, dive deep into this treasure trove to add even more fuel to your roaring brand fire.

This is the decision that turns your Business into a Scroll Stopping Brand.


The Brand Glow Up Experience

 6 Months for $1,997


This option is for you if:

  • Something feels just a few degrees off and you want to make the adjustments for you and your brand to feel totally *clicked in*
  • You like how you’re showing up but would love to turn the volume up and amplify it in your marketing
  • You’re missing a big piece of the overall brand puzzle: maybe your visuals are on point but your content strategy sucks, or your content is great but your visuals suck so nobody is bothering to stop the scroll– the glow up will reveal the missing piece and give you the step by step on exactly how to fill it in
  • You might want to stay with us for 12 months, but you want to date us a bit before settling down ;)
6 months for $1,997

The Ultimate Rebrand Experience

12 Months for $3,500


This option is for you if:

  • You’re ready to make a big move in your brand, whether it’s a pivot from employee to entrepreneur or a big elevation like doubling your pricing… and you know it’s calling for a massive uplevel in how you are showing up in the marketplace
  • You love making one decision for community and support in business building for the year, and you know Kathryn and the Soul Fam are the crew you want to ride with
  • You’ve never even thought of yourself as a brand or considered how you’re positioning your services in the market, and you want a full deep dive to really nail every piece of the brand puzzle from here on out
  • You want to look back one year from today and be amazed at how massively you’ve upleveled your visibility and power in the marketplace
12 months for $3,500

Why Now

Because a business that feels like a full body yes, where clients come to calls deeply desiring to work with YOU, and where you show up powerfully, confidently online knowing you don’t need to monitor likes and comments as validation isn’t something you want a few months from now…

It’s something you want NOW.


And you could wait a few months to stop the scroll, but what’s the compound effect of more months of having a bleh brand? The neural grooves of doubt and worry deepening.

An audience that, when clearing their feed, deletes you because they can’t remember who you are or what you do.

That’s not a future to choose.

Choose to stop the scroll now. It’s here for the taking. The only question is…


Will you claim it?


Claiming It


Your Future Self is calling.
It's time to pick up.

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Your story is next!

Stop the Scrolling.

It's Time to Show Up as YOU.

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