How good are you willing to let it get?

Welcome to the path of least resistance to scaling.


How good are you willing to let it get?

Welcome to the path of least resistance to scaling.


You’ve mastered the art of the solopreneur– in fact you’re currently sitting in a business you once dreamed of. But as your demand has grown… that dream is starting to feel like a nightmare.

A calendar booked to the brim with calls. Support inquiries only you can answer. Emails stacking up… and you still need to do laundry, figure out how to feed yourself, and all the other outside responsibilities that have nothing to do with your business… let alone your juiciest desires.

This is a packed way of life that most solopreneurs settle into because

they think scaling will make life harder.

But the packed way of life has your soul screaming, and there are days when the business feels like so much you’re tempted to burn it all down and move to Bali.

But your next evolution doesn’t live in putting it down, shrinking, or plateauing the business.

Your next evolution rests inside of the Art of Scaling.

Your business is yearning to grow up and take care of you. It wants to give you white space. It wants to grow strong enough to hold you and your growing roster of clients.

It’s time to develop a team that aligns with your vision, with zones of genius that are different from yours, so that your life force energy together moves the business towards the vision faster than you ever imagined.

Oh and… white space? That thing you’ve been craving? It turns out when a woman is deeply relaxed, she is deeply wise. And allowing more pleasure and relaxation increases your capacity to receive–

Guidance. Money. Clients. Visibility. All of it.

The Pleasure and Precision Mastermind is the place – and the vibration – where you enter to manifest a business that lives as a powerful entity outside of you, a pulsating house of energy that continues to run while you take long vacations or enter deep creative cocoons that propel the next phase of business forward.

The path of least resistance to scaling requires a different strategy.

One not found in corporate culture or cortisol fueled hustle towards arbitrary mental goals. This is about:

  • Cultivating energetic states that widen your access to creativity, intuitive knowings, and your highest level strategic thinking
  • Creating a business that can run without you: scalable offers, systems and support that allow you to unplug without worrying your clients will be dropped
  • Elevating yourself out of everything that isn’t on your growth path or Zone of Genius
  • Stepping into leadership: as a CEO in a company with a team, as an online entrepreneur with an audience and a platform, and as a soul in the world with a unique mission you are meant to ground into the material plane

Creating in your New Paradigm requires a new edge, perhaps your most uncomfortable one yet. Rather than sacrifice pleasure and joy to attain success, you are being asked to deepen into it to connect more deeply to the pulse of creation asking to come through you…

And to expand your capacity and your receivership to hold MORE of all of it.

Clients. Money. Visibility. Impact.

Opening Wide to Receive ALL of It.

Creating in your New Paradigm requires a new edge, perhaps your most uncomfortable one yet. Rather than sacrifice pleasure and joy to attain success, you are being asked to deepen into it to connect more deeply to the pulse of creation asking to come through you…

And to expand your capacity and your receivership to hold MORE of all of it.

Clients. Money. Visibility. Impact.

Opening Wide to Receive ALL of It.

You cannot create your best work from a place of depletion.

You are being called to create from a relaxed, expansive state.

Elevate your positioning in your industry, claim your mantle of leadership, and create systems and processes that are out there, generating interest and clients for you while you sleep.


Join Me to Master...

Pleasure to Activate
  • More nervous system capacity so that you can HOLD the energy of a scaled business with ease– the many moving parts, the large influxes and outfluxes of cash, the ups and downs of a growing client base
  • Increased creativity within your business
  • Easier and wider access to intuitive guidance and knowings
  • Expanded receivership: more clients, more income, more visibility, more impact
Front End Business Precision
  • Messaging at Scale: as your audience grows, so does your need to understand they are not all the same. Your ability to map out your customer’s varying levels of consciousness and create messaging that welcomes each of them in is a tedious practice that will require your devotion to welcome them all in as paying clients
  • Getting off the content treadmill: the step by step of routing yourself out of the day to day hum of content and empowering your team to take the lead
  • Active versus Passive Marketing: learn where to spend your active time in your marketing, and when and how to begin templating and repurposing content so your work is out in the world, selling for you while you sleep
  • Marketing Strategy: understanding how to create and structure your content so that it has the greatest longevity and leverage in its impact (aka so you can stop thinking you have to show up EVERY DAY on IG Stories)
Back End Business Precision
  • Systems and Processes: creating a business that runs without you, and ensures you or your team are never doing the same tasks over…and over…and over again
  • Optimizing Systems: identifying bottlenecks and inefficiencies in current systems, restructuring where needed, and identifying areas for streamlining and automation (because if you begin hiring people in a messy system, you create a messy, expensive overhead problem that more people can’t solve…)
  • Mapping Out your Team: understanding when and how to hire support, what roles to fill internally and which to outsource, and ensuring every single role is generating value that increases the company’s profitability
  • Attracting, Hiring and Training Support: from how to write a job description to attract your most highly aligned (and wildly qualified) support to how to prep your business to set them up for success on Day One so you feel deliciously held and supported (rather than thinking you now have “one more person to take care of”)

Hi, I’m Kathryn.
I am a Practical Magician.

Coming into the online space has been a wild ride. Although I had a background in business development as an employee, I had always entered companies that already HAD SCALE– there were employees, and company guidelines, and systems in place for me.

So once I started my business online and was having success, it seemed like an impossible puzzle to figure out how to go from a solopreneur who was marketing their services online… to an entrepreneur who was running a company.

And because I didn’t understand how to scale, I kept piling more and more on top of myself. My business felt like a train I was constantly running to catch up with. And with a mindset that thought the answer to more success was doing more and working harder, I found myself exhausted and resisting growth… because the idea of doubling or tripling my income had become impossible with my solopreneur strategy.

I had to learn to scale. To hire support. To build and run a company… and I had zero idea how.

This Mastermind is a culmination of years of hard won wisdom, intuitive guidance, and step by step strategy on exactly how to go from solopreneur to entrepreneur in a way that honors your desire for white space, long bubble baths, hot sex, AND a scaled business that sets your soul on fire.

I’ve supported clients from six to multiple seven figures, and

Are You Coming?

$198,000 in Year 1
and Scaling by Year 2

“In my first round of the mastermind, I was really becoming more comfortable being in my business. It felt a lot more like being a freelancer.  Since being in Pleasure and Precision, I think that the biggest mindset shift has been that freelancer to CEO mindset. I've hired help, I've increased my demand, I had my first $20k month doubling my top revenue month. I closed out 2022 with just under $200,000 in revenue without working that much harder truthfully. 

What I really love about working with Kathryn is that she's always encouraging me to see where I can compress my timelines. I had shared that I wanted to bring on support and hire my first employee anytime in 2023. And as I started to look around at the reality of my business, I discovered that actually I could and should be bringing on support much more quickly. And so that's what I did through the support of my fellow masterminders.”

Sarah E.


What are the knobs and buttons?

This is more than a Mastermind.

It’s part spiritual initiation. Part entrepreneurial skillset building. Part embodiment. Part meticulous organization of your consciousness.

This container is for those that can feel the pull that I am the mentor they desire to help elevate their brains, bodies, and businesses to be big enough to transmit all the great work that wants to come through them in this lifetime.

If you know this is you, the next step is applying. We accept applications on a rolling basis so that as your demand grows and you know it’s time to prep for scaling, you have a soft place to land inside with us.

Two Pleasure and Precision Immersion Retreats

Two times per year we meet for three full days of dropped in, unplug and reset retreats. Part Mastermind, part spiritual initiation, part feminine embodiment retreat. Your body will never have felt more relaxed and heart open… and your mind will never have felt more focused and clear.

Weekly Masterminding for One Year

This is your lifeblood as you scale. Kathryn will read the energy and provide a mix of hot seat coaching, energetic and embodiment practices, and workshopping on things like messaging at scale, creating SOPs, and creating your roadmap out of the mundane and into your zone of genius.

Personalized Guidance and Mentorship

Want feedback on your latest sales page? How about another set of eyes on your next launch or marketing plan? Or help building out your support team with all of your specific constraints and challenges? Have Kathryn’s eyes, mind, and heart on YOUR business and the creation wanting to come through it.

Private Community

This group represents the rising titans among Spiritual Entrepreneurs across industries, all stepping into creating and receiving at the highest level together. In between calls you’ll have access to our private community for support, celebration, and deep sisterhood.

Access to Kathryn’s Body of Work

While in Pleasure and Precision you will be given access to all of Kathryn’s other current programs for the duration of your time within the Mastermind.

Your Intuition Led You Here.

We enroll on a rolling basis by application only. After we receive your application we will review and be in touch within one week on your application status. If Kathryn has questions or concerns, we may be in touch with follow up questions or a request for a 20 minute call.

If accepted payment is due within 72 hours. If not accepted, Kathryn will give you direct feedback on why and exactly what to work on before reapplying.

The investment is $50,000 paid in full
or two payments of $27,000