This is The Room for impact-driven, soul-centered entrepreneurs who are ready to create Massive Demand.

Applications for the November 2022 Class will open on September 5th.

This is The Room for impact-driven, soul-centered entrepreneurs who are ready to create Massive Demand.

Applications for the November 2022 class open September 5th.

You’re Ready for $10,000 Months.


You’ve made the leap. The website is up. You even have a client here or there but something is…off.

Your efforts feel full-time, but the income doesn’t reflect it.

You were REALLY good at your job as an employee. The higher ups told you so. The promotions showed it. So why isn’t this business thing easy?

I wondered the same thing when I came into entrepreneurship. It was frustrating, confusing, deflating. And now, on the other side of scaling into a multiple six figure business, I see all the places where first time business owners fall into the gaps between leaving their job and having a thriving business that produces full-time income.

The problem is when you start and run a business with the same brain, the same set of rules and habits, that helped you thrive as an employee. It’s the equivalent of building a house on sand, and if you feel shaky— that’s why.

In the Think Like An Entrepreneur Mastermind, we start from the foundation of fundamentally changing your brain, the set of rules and habits, so that you can thrive as an entrepreneur. From there we master the art of marketing and sales, and create a clean, intentional relationship with money and goals that feels fun and deeply in integrity.

By the end of our time together, you will know exactly how to consistently, repeatably create a living on your own terms. And your Dream Business will feel like a total “pinch me” dream, with freedom and fulfillment your 9-5 self didn’t believe was possible. 

This Mastermind is The Room where we create and live in Possibility.
More joy, more money, more purpose and impact for the World.


Applications for the November 2022 Class
open September 5th.

Think Like An Entrepreneur.

Having a brain that fundamentally thinks like an entrepreneur is the difference between “trying to build the business” for years and actually… having the business.

We’ll spend six months uninstalling your employee programming and upgrading your operating system to an entrepreneurial mindset that naturally builds the business.

Nail Your Business Strategy.

There’s no one set formula— there’s YOU and the formula you decide to create results from. No matter the social media platform, the marketing content you create, there are underlying principles that create success.

In the Mastermind you will create and hone your formula— your unique brand and process that feels fun and authentic to you, so you know “I do this, I do this, I do this… I get a check.”

Get squeaky clean with Money and Goals.

Your relationship with money and goals will determine your ability to create them.

Imagine going in for an interview and asking the CEO about their business projections. If she shakily responded, “Well, we’re just going to try our best and see where we end up,” you’d feel very differently than if she responded confidently: “We’ll end the year at 3 Million, and will scale to 5 next year.”

The Think Like An Entrepreneur Mastermind

The next round will begin in November of 2022

Investment: $10,000, paid in full within 48 hours if accepted

To be eligible for the Mastermind, you must have created $10,000 in your business.

The Knobs and Buttons:

  • The magic begins with an immersive two day event (offered virtually as well for those who cannot travel), where you will learn the entire step by step process of the mindset AND strategy of creating massive demand

  • 6 Months of Weekly Group Coaching Calls, to support you as you implement and master the process

  • A magical container in our private Facebook group where you can ask me direct questions on YOUR brain and business between calls, as well as constantly celebrating wins and breakthroughs with the tribe

  • The Think Like An Entrepreneur Member Portal: All key teachings are always one click away in the portal, as well as access to every single Mastermind call from prior rounds (ya know, the calls that produced the epic results from this group you've seen all over social media...)

These aren’t just fluffy words. This process creates concrete client results.
Now it’s your turn. Join us and let’s get your wins up on the board.

Why Me as Your Coach?

I have LIVED this transformation. I have also walked DOZENS of people through it.

In 2018 I left my six figure career in tech— the pinnacle of “practical success”— and decided to go all in on this entrepreneurship thing. And, despite having a decade of business strategy and development experience under my belt from corporate, having closed million dollar deals— I trembled as I hit post on Instagram. I was so scared on my first sales call that I caved on my package, that I KNEW was in the best interest of my client, and signed him for $150 per month for one session.

All the business know how in the World wasn’t helping me, because I was foundationally still THINKING like an employee. I wasn’t running my business thinking and BEING a confident entrepreneur.

As I reprogrammed my brain, I began making more and more money. Helping more and more people. In my second year in business I ended at over $500,000 using this simple process.

And I’m ready to teach you everything I know.

I’m 98% there, but I’ve got this one teensy little question.


I’m not sure I’m far enough along. How will I know if the business is ready?

If you have created $10,000 in your business and you want to scale into $10,000 months, you’re ready.

I left my 9-5 already but am still working to get the business to a stable, consistent place. Is this for me?

YES. I work with clients to become entrepreneurs. If you feel solid in your craft, but less solid on the business and marketing/sales piece, this room is the perfect place for you.

I see all the mind-blowing client results up there, but my brain has reasons that I’m the special snowflake this won’t work for.

Yep, totally normal. Those same thoughts… that it’s offering you that are the reasons this might not work? That special snowflake identity? Those thoughts are already showing up in your business right now and creating your current results. But you’re on this page because you actually know more is possible for you. In between you and that possibility is those thoughts— that identity— and this Mastermind is designed to scrub that sh*t out. Now come bring me your big, beautiful brain.

I want to join, but I’ve still got a teensy question.

I got you. Shoot me an email at [email protected] and tell me what’s coming up for you.

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