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79. The Biggest Mistake in Branding

Most people think about branding as logos and color palettes, but branding-- true branding--is the blueprint of the soul of a company. This is particularly potent work for solopreneurs, and today we're diving into the biggest mistake I see being made in the Branding space.

71. Unpacking the Myth that Only People Who Sell Business Make Money

If your brain has ever told you that you can't make money doing what you love because "only people selling business results make money"... THIS IS FOR YOU. We unpack why and how this happens, and what to do instead to optimize for YOU making money.

70. From Ringling Ringmaster to His Own Damn Circus: A Conversation with Kevin Venardos

Kevin Venardos started his career on a fantastic adventure, on a circus train with elephants as a Ringmaster for Ringling Brothers, but over time kept feeling the desire to be the "engineer of his own train." So he started his own circus that now tours the country in sold out shows across 25 cities, but the story wasn't always easy. It involves bankruptcy and living in his car—a real live "World's Greatest Showman." Join us today to hear his amazing story.

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69. Calculating Risk: Lessons Learned from a Night Watching Extreme Sports

We recently went to Nitro Circus, a big extreme sports live event. One of the athletes said something on the field, just before the show started, about how the best extreme sports athletes aren't daredevils. He said the "best of the best calculate risk."

And as it turns out, the same thing is true of the best of the best in entrepreneurship. Calculating risk is a learned skillset, and today we're breaking it down into real, tangible examples of what this looks like in your business.

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